Stand Your Ground in the Courtroom

Stand Your Ground in the Courtroom

Let The Hill Law Firm Defend your reputation with a criminal law attorney in Shreveport, LA

The moment you're arrested, you need to ask for a criminal law attorney immediately. The Hill Law Firm, LLC. provides legal defense services for clients in Shreveport, LA, and surrounding areas. You'll work directly with our practicing attorney, Kerry A. Hill, to build your defense.

We have handled cases for state and federal crimes, including felony offenses. Discuss your charges with us today.

Understand your charges

Before you can build your defense, you need to know what you're up against. Mr. Hill will walk you through the details and help you understand the charges that have been filed.

Our criminal law firm offers defense services for...

  • Misdemeanors. These are minor charges that usually come with lesser consequences.
  • Felony offenses. These serious crimes can result in fines, community service, and jail time.
  • Expungements. This is the process of wiping a criminal charge from your record entirely.

Fighting for your life starts with fighting for your rights. Stand up for yourself by hiring The Hill Law Firm today.